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Practical, economical feasible and proven solutions for waste treatment and disposal

ECWM manages the treatment and disposal of MSW collected from Cairo Governorate. We receive 3 million tons of waste from the four zones (northern, southern, eastern and western) to manage at ECWM facilities annually.


In May 2020, we started operation at the two facilities of 15th of May and El-Salam – Obour. Prior operation, ECWM provided the two facilities with construction infrastructure including civil and electrical works and supply new lines with capacity of 4000 ton/day for each facility, as well as, the construction of the landfills. All sites are equipped with surveillance camera systems with control rooms to monitor the operation.


In 2022, ECWM will have completed the construction of its new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Engineered Landfill at the “Waste Treatment and Disposal Complex” in 10th of Ramadan City, where operations will be moved at the new site for the treatment and disposal of waste collected from the Eastern and Northern Zones of Cairo Governorate.

15th of May

Location: 15th of May City.

El Salam MRF – Obour Landfill

Location: MRF in El Salam City, Landfill in Obour City.